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STARSIGHT is a privacy-preserving digital wallet that allows users to anonymously enjoy multiple online services while protecting their personal information. The application stores users’ credit card information, allows them to earn STARs which can be exchanged for cryptocurrency, and handles security by providing your identity only once, when you log in. Features: - No Login Experience: The application does not requires any login process. You just enter a coin wallet address and you are done - Coin Collecting: The software allows you to earn STARs (a crypto-currency) by inviting friends, commenting, using the application and reading news - Check Your Balance: Visit the app's Balance/Sent tab to monitor your STARs. You can send STARs to friends by checking their address book. - Decentralized Blockchain: Users don't have to trust STARs Labs and its application programmers, because the program is run by a decentralized blockchain with no single point of failure. - Friendly Site Development: STARs Labs encourages all coin wallets to use its interactive and friendly website. - Safe Coin: You are provided with an Internet Protocol (IP) address instead of your name, which prevents your transactions from being associated with you. - User-Friendly UI: The service is easy to navigate, without any additional browser or toolbars. - Password Protection: The application requires you to use a strong password to store your credit card information. The app is available for download in the Google Play store and the Apple App store. AstraCash Description: AstraCash is an app that combines the most used ways to earn, all in one app. Earning money? The AstraCash App is the perfect tool for you. Play or watch videos on your favorite videos apps like Youtube, and earn money from your account using Pay. With AstraCash, it is never too difficult to earn money. Try it and don't hesitate to let us know about your experiences. - Paid accuount - Lots of videos apps - Refill app - Auto login - No ROI - Automatic money for playing games and watching videos with ads Who can use it? People who want earn money for watching videos or playing games. What's new: Version 1.9.7 (Week of 6 August 2019) - Minor bug fixes - Improvement to AstroCash permissions How to get paid with AstraCash? Pay uses the most used third-party payment applications. Watch videos on Youtube: YoutubePay a5204a7ec7

GOLDFOX Cracked Version is a simple, yet reliable Web browsing utility which enables you to quickly access any website you wish. The browser focuses on the speed of Internet navigation and allows you to access several websites with just one button click. Several shortcut buttons to email, search or social media websites are available. Features: Send & Receive Email 6.07.0 Send & Receive Email is a powerful and easy to use application which gives you full control over your email accounts. Your passwords, email accounts, domains, folders and addresses are stored safely in your computer. As all the important details regarding your email accounts are saved in your hard drive, you don't have to type them every time you want to send a message or retrieve a file. * Essential Web Browser 6.07.0 Essential Web Browser is the most simple and easy to use Web browser available. It's a web browser that's perfect for anyone who just wants to browse Web sites. It features a clean, simplistic interface. * FotoFlexer Basic 5.00.09 FotoFlexer Basic is a program which allows you to quickly compress any image and save it as a thumbnail. You may also view any image files and view a video file that you have saved. * Microsoft Money Budget 5.01 Microsoft Money Budget is a basic and convenient application which allows you to view your entire budget. This budget is to view your list of accounts, income and expenses along with other useful information. * Quick Memo 6.01.0 Quick Memo helps you to jot down notes and thoughts in an easy and fun way. Quick Memo is not meant to replace your Desktop Journal, but it gives you the ability to jot down notes, memos and thoughts using your mouse. You may also make an entry in your Desktop Journal right in the same window. * Planner 7.01.0 Planner is a simple yet easy-to-use application which allows you to plan your day and manage your family affairs. Planner is easy to use, and you will find the application makes planning for your daily life easy. * VPP 1.01.01 VPP is a simple and easy to use application designed to be a helper for project managers who need to organize their projects, assign jobs and keep records of their progress. It can also be used by students to mark assignments. * MS

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